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The Tale Of Jack Frost - CGI animation The Tale Of Jack Frost DVD cover
First broadcast on BBC1 on 25th December 2004 (at 09.00). Now on DVD
Synopsis: A magical wintertime tale based on the book by David Melling. The forest creatures discover a little boy sleeping, and when he wakes he astounds them with real magic. Everything he touches turns cold, and so they name him Jack Frost. Then along comes the goblins, who smell of boiled cabbage, make rude noises, and love to tell lies. Young Jack Frost must use his powers to protect the Enchanted Forest
Narration by: Hugh Laurie
Voices by: Jonathon Bee (the voice of Jack Frost) and Gary Martin
Produced & directed by: Neil Graham and Alastair Swinnerton
Executive producer: John Coates
Adapted by: Alastair Swinnerton from the book by David Melling
Jack Frost Productions Ltd & Zoo Films Co-Production

Fungus The Bogeyman - Live-action, Cell and model animation
First broadcast on BBC1 on 28th November and 5th and 12th December 2004 (at 17.55, 17.55 and 17.25 respectively). Now on single and double DVD. NOTE: The double DVD features Colin talking about his role in the production
Synopsis: Children's drama series in which Fungus and family from Bogeydom eventually meet a girl from 'up top' with potentially devastating consequences for all!
Starring: Martin Clunes, Fay Ripley, Tom Goodman-Hill and Clare Thomas
Voices by: Mak Wilson (the voice of Fungus) and Jordan Metcalf (the voice of Mould)
Directed by: Stuart Orme
Produced by: Ian Whitehead
Executive producers: Arnie Golbart, Michael Hagging, Dan Madicott and Elaine Sperber
Screenplay by: Mark Haddon based on the book by Raymond Briggs
Galafilm / Indie Kids for the BBC. Click here for a synopsis of each episode

Angelina Ballerina - Cell Animation
First 13 episodes were originally broadcast on ITV on 15th-19th, 22nd-26th and 29th-31st October 2001 (at 15.30). The second 13 episodes were broadcast on ITV1 on 10th, 14th, 17th, 21st, 24th and 28th June; 1st, 5th, 8th, 12th, 15th, 19th and 22nd July 2002 (between 15.30 and 15.35). The last 10 were initially broadcast on Nick Junior on 19th-23rd October 2003 (at 10.30). The Christmas Special (The Show Must Go On) was given its UK premier on ITV1 on 23rd December 2005 (at 15.30). For details of three 'missing' episodes and news of a new special (Princess Dance), click the 'episode titles' link below. Most of the episodes can now be found on DVD
Synopsis: The series follows the (mis)adventures of a passionate young mouse-girl who dreams of ballet stardom but manages to propel herself into humorous escapades that teach valuable life-lessons about honesty, determination, and other positive values
Voices by: Finty Williams, Judi Dench, Jo Wyatt, Keith Wickham, Jonell Elliott and Adrienne Posta
Directed by: Roger McIntosh
Produced by: Ginger Gibbons
Executive producer: Kate Fawkes
Written by: Barbara Slade (1, 10, 19 and 22); Barbara Slade and Jan Page (2); Mellie Buse (3); James Mason (4, 18, 23 and 36); Sally-Ann Lever (5 and 25); Jan Page (6, 15, 21, 26, 27 and 30); Paul Larson (7, 9, 20, 24, 31 and 35); Diane Redmond (8, 17 and 33); Laura Beaumont (11, 14 and 32); Dave Ingham (12, 13, 16 and 28); Lucy Daniel Raby (29) and Andrew Brenner (34) based on the books by Helen Craig and Katharine Holabird
A Grand Slamm Children's Film Production for HIT Entertainment PLC. Click here for the episodes titles & synopsis and here for the soundtrack

Faeries - Cell Animation Faeries DVD cover
First broadcast on ITV on 26th December 1999. Now on DVD
Synopsis: Faeries is a magical tale of shape-shifters, fairies and hobgoblins. Two young siblings, Nellie and George are sent to the country whilst their parents move house. When exploring the local forest George mysteriously disappears. With the help of a friendly hobgoblin, Nellie is relieved to be reunited with her brother in Faery land; but having eaten some of the Faery's food George is bound by Faery law to remain there forever. Nellie agrees to complete three dangerous tasks for the Faery Price in exchange for George's freedom...Will she succeed?
Voices by: Kate Winslet, Jeremy Irons, Dougray Scott, Jane Horrocks, Tony Robinson, John Sessions and June Whitfield
Directed by: Gary Hurst
Produced by: Naomi Jones
Executive producer: Kate Fawkes
Written by: Jocelyn Stevenson
Hit Entertainment PLC / United Productions

Oi! Get Off Our Train - (aka Animal Train) - Cell Animation
Animation for Christmas 1998
Synopsis: It's Ben's bedtime, but staying up with his parents to watch a TV show about endangered animals seems a lot more fun. Later that night, Ben awakens to discover that his stuffed dog, Jim Jam, has come to life, and so has his toy train! Bursting with excitement, they climb aboard for a magical tip around the world to save endangered animals
Directed by: Jimmy Murakami

The Willows In Winter - Cell Animation
First broadcast on ITV on 26th December 1996. Home-video release.
Synopsis: Animation continuing the classic story The Wind In The Willows. When Toad spots a strange machine flying over Toad Hall, he senses trouble ahead on the riverbank. Together with Badger, Rate, Mole and Otter, he must contend with winter snows and blizzards, blazing fires and fast aeroplanes
Narration by: Vanessa Redgrave
Voices by: Alan Bennett, Michael Gambon, Rik Mayall, Michael Palin, Enn Reitel, Mark Lockyer, Ronnie Fraser, Windsor Davies, Simon Williams, Bill Oddie and Kate Robbins
Directed by: Dave Unwin
Produced by: John Coates
Executive producer: Jonathan Peel
Adapted by: Ted Walker from the book by William Horwood
TVC London Production

The Sandman - Model Animation
Directed by: George Pavlou
Produced by: Paul Berry
Cosgrove Hall Production

Beatrix Potter Stories - Cell Animation
First broadcast on BBC TV. Home-video release. Now on DVD
Synopsis: Nine tales adapted from the stories by Beatrix Potter
Starring: Niamh Cusack
Voices by: Ian Holme, Derek Griffiths and Enn Reitel (1), Struan Rodger, Sheila Hancock, Rosemary Leach, Patricia Routledge, John Gordon Sinclair and Alan Bowe (2), Derek Jacobi, Prunella Scales, Rebecca Hall, Richard Griffiths and Richard Wilson (3), Chris Lang, Mark Lockyer, Josie Lawrence, Pam Ferris, David Neal and Enn Reitel (4), Alan Bowe, Mary Jane Bowe, Jenny Moore, Rosemary Leach, Patricia Routledge, Sue Pollard, Dinsdale Landen and Enn Reitel (5), Rory Carty, June Whitfield, Richard Wilson, June Watson, Jenny Moore, Mary Jane Bowe and Enn Reitel (6), Dinsdale Landen, Don Henderson, Enn Reitel, Mark Lockyer and Sheila Steafel (7), Felicity Kendal, Rik Mayall, Hugh Laurie, Alan Bennett, Enn Reitel and Sheila Steafel (8), Anna Massey, Richard Griffiths, Sheila Steafel, June Watson, Mary Jane Bowe, Jenny Moore and Enn Reitel (9)
Directed by: Jack Stokes (1), Mike Stuart (2 and 4), Geoff Dunbar (3, 6 and 7), Roger Mainwood (8) and Dave Unwin (5 and 9)
Produced by: John Coates (1 and 8), Nick Comley (2 and 4), Ginger Gibbons (3, 6 and 7) and Catrin Unwin (5 and 9)
Executive producer: Jonathan Peel
Written by: Dianne Jackson based on the stories by Beatrix Potter
TVC London Production for Frederick Warne And Co. in association with the BBC. Click here for the episode titles & synopsis and here for the soundtrack

The Story Store - Model Animation
Thirteen-part series, first broadcast on ITV. Home-video release
Synopsis: Animation series set in the most wonderful shop in the world, which sells everything from Vanishing Cream to Sausage Trees, and is run by George, a kindly, fluffy-faced dog, and his friend Pip
Narration by: Alan Bennett
Directed by: Joe Austen
Produced by: Joe Austen
Executive producers: John Coates and Michael Forte
Written by: Joe Austen
Yesterland / TVC Production. Click here for the episode titles & synopsis

The Wind In The Willows - Cell Animation The Wind In The Willows video cover
First broadcast on ITV on 25th December 1995. Home-video release. Now on DVD
Synopsis: The retiring mole meets Rat and discovers the delights of life on the river. Little does he realise that he will be involved in a daring bid to win back the ancestral home of Rat's friend Toad - after Toad's own escapades involving his obsession with cars
Narration by: Vanessa Redgrave
Voices by: Alan Bennett, Michael Gambon, Rik Mayall, Michael Palin, Enn Reitel and Mark Lockyer
Directed by: Dave Unwin
Produced by: John Coates
Executive producer: Jonathan Peel
Adapted by: Ted Walker from the book by Kenneth Grahame
TVC London Production

Truckers - Model Animation Truckers video cover
Thirteen-part series, first broadcast on ITV between 10th January and 3rd April 1992. Home-video release.
Voices by: Joe McGann, Debra Gillet, Rosalie Williams, John Jardine, Edward Kelsey, Nigel Carrington, David Scase, Brian Trueman, Sir Michael Hordern, Brian Southwood and Jimmy Hibbert
Directed by: Jackie Cockle, Chris Taylor and Francis Vose
Produced by: Jackie Cockle
Executive producer: John Hambley
Adapted by: Brian Trueman from the novel by Terry Pratchett
Cosgrove Hall / Thames Television Production