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Provocateur Records logo Provocateur Records is a British label that specialises in new, forward looking and diverse Jazz for the twenty-first century. The artists are chosen for their awesome talent and ingenuity. Unlike many record labels today, this company believes in investing in their artists in order that their releases are of the best possible quality, both technically and creatively. The label's catalogue already includes several projects by Colin Towns, such as The Mask Orchestra, The Mask Quintet and The Mask Symphonic as well as releases by the great Andy Sheppard, Alan Skidmore and Guy Barker

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Below is the complete list of all Provocateur Records releases to date:


Colin Towns' Mask Orchestra - Colin Towns' Mask Orchestra aka Bolt From The Blue PVC1012 - DELETED
Colin Towns' Mask Orchestra - Nowhere & Heaven PVC1013
Colin Towns' Mask Quintet - Still Life PVC1015
Andy Sheppard - Learning To Wave PVC1016
Colin Towns' Mask Symphonic - Dreaming Man With Blue Suede Shoes PVC1017
Alan Skidmore - The Call PVC1018
Julian Argüelles - Escapade PVC1019
Andy Sheppard - Dancing Man & Woman PVC1020
John Parricelli - Alba PVC1021
Annie Whitehead - The Gathering PVC1022
De Vito, Taylor and Towner - Verso PVC1023
Marcio Doctor - Restless World PVC1024
Various Artists - Provocation PVC1025
Mike Gibbs - Nonsequence PVC1027
Colin Towns' Mask Orchestra - Another Think Coming PVC1028
Andy Sheppard - Nocturnal Tourist PVC1029
Guy Barker - Soundtrack PVC1030
Maria Pia De Vito - Nel Respiro PVC1031
Northern Lights (Annie Whitehead and Alistair Anderson) - Airplay PVC1032
Julian Argüelles - As Above So Below PVC1033
Andy Sheppard and John Parricelli - P.S. PVC1034
Various Artists - Provocation 2 PVC1035
Alan Skidmore - Alan Skidmore's Ubizo PVC1036
Andy Sheppard and Kathryn Tickell - Music For A New Crossing PVC2001 - DELETED
Colin Towns' Mask Orchestra - The Orpheus Suite PVC2004
Norma Winstone With NDR Big Band - It's Later Than You Think PVC1037
Colin Towns And NDR Big Band - Lend Me Your Ears PVC1038
Valdyslav Sendecki - Piano PVC1039
Alan Skidmore's Ubizo - 50 Journeys PVC1040
Colin Towns And NDR Big Band - John Lennon - In My Own Write PVC1041
Blue Touch Paper - Stand Well Back PVC1042
Colin Towns' Mask Orchestra - Drama PVC1044