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Colin has written the music to nine TV adaptations of Catherine Cookson's novels, as well as releasing a CD of Cookson music. A cassette of Catherine Cookson's life, entitled Her Way, was also released, which includes Colin's music (see below):

The Fifteen Streets DVD cover
The Fifteen Streets (1989)
The Dwelling Place DVD cover
The Dwelling Place (1994)
The Girl DVD cover
The Girl (1996)
The Tide Of Life DVD cover
The Tide Of Life (1996)
The Rag Nymph DVD cover
The Rag Nymph (1997)
The Wingless Bird DVD cover
The Wingless Bird (1997)
Tilly Trotter DVD cover
Tilly Trotter (1998)
The Secret DVD cover
The Secret (1999)
A Dinner Of Herbs DVD cover
A Dinner Of Herbs (2000)

The cassette was released in 1996 of Catherine Cookson's life story, narrated by Catherine herself and including a handful of songs performed by Catherine without accompaniment. Colin was then able to add the music later. It was released on CORGI AUDIO ISBN No.: 0552 145 602

Her Way cassette cover
Her Way (1996)