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As well as his own music, Colin has assisted others in their recordings, albeit as arranger, writer, producer or musician. The following all involve Colin in one capacity or another:

Jonny Young: Young's Brew LP cover
The Jonny Young Band
Young's Brew LP (1975)
George Moody: Country Roads LP cover
George Moody
Country Roads LP (1975)
George Hamilton IV: Bad Romancer 7 inch
George Hamilton IV
Bad Romancer single (1976)
Samson: Survivors CD cover
Survivors CD (1979 & 2001)
Sonja Kristina: Sonja Kristina LP cover
Sonja Kristina
Sonja Kristina LP (1980)
Bernie Tormé: The Beat cover
Bernie Tormé
The Beat single (1980)
The Split Knee Loons: Special Collector's EP cover
The Split Knee Loons
Special Collector's EP single (1981)
Baron Rojo: Volumen Brutal CD cover
Baron Rojo
Volumen Brutal LP (1982)
Bernie Tormé: Turn Out The Lights LP cover
Bernie Tormé
Turn Out The Lights LP (1982)
McCoy: Oh Well! 7 inch cover
McCoy: Oh Well! single (1983)
McCoy: Mini Album LP cover
McCoy: Mini Album LP (1983)
Tormé: Back To Babylon CD cover
Back To Babylon CD (1985 & 2004)
McCoy: Think Hard LP cover
Think Hard LP (1985)
Bernie Tormé: Turn Out The Lights CD cover
Bernie Tormé
Turn Out The Lights CD (1996)
McCoy: Think Hard...Again CD cover
Think Hard...Again CD (1997)
Guy Barker: What Love Is CD cover
Guy Barker
What Love Is CD (1998)
Alan Skidmore: After The Rain CD cover
Alan Skidmore
After The Rain CD (1998)
Alan Skidmore: The Call CD cover
Alan Skidmore
The Call CD (1999)
Miriam Stockley: Miriam CD cover
Miriam Stockley
Miriam CD (1999)
Andy Sheppard: Dancing Man & Woman CD cover
Andy Sheppard
Dancing Man & Woman CD (2000)
Gerardo Nuņez & Chano Dominguez: Jazzpaņa II CD cover
Gerardo Nuņez & Chano Dominguez
Jazzpaņa II CD (2000)
NDR Big Band: The Theatre Of Kurt Weill CD cover
NDR Big Band directed by Colin Towns
The Theatre Of Kurt Weill CD (2000)
Christof Lauer & Jens Thomas: Shadows In The Rain - The Sting Project CD cover
Christof Lauer & Jens Thomas
Shadows In The Rain CD (2001)
Guy Barker: Soundtrack CD cover
Guy Barker
Soundtrack CD (2002)
Alan Skidmore: Ubizo CD cover
Alan Skidmore
Ubizo CD (2003)
Trans World Orchestra: Like Molten Lava In Your Veins CD cover
Trans World Orchestra
Like Molten Lava In Your Veins CD (2005)
Norma Winstone With NDR Big Band: It's Later Than You Think CD cover
Norma Winstone With NDR Big Band
It's Later Than You Think CD (2006)
GMT: Bitter & Twisted CD cover
Bitter & Twisted CD (2006)
GMT: Evil Twin CD cover
Evil Twin CD (2008)
Alan Skidmore's Ubizo: 50 Journeys CD cover
Alan Skidmore's Ubizo
50 Journeys CD (2008)